Yearly Irrigation Calendar

For irrigation issues please contact the water masters: Steve Lueck: 480-202-2641 Kevin Ekren: 480-440-9048 Emergency: 480-787-1975

Effective 7/1/2022 the new water rates are as follows: ***Rates are based on water flow. All customers in the district are paying the same rate for the same amount of water they receive. Well #2: $12.44/hr Well #3: $12.56/hr Well #4: $13.20/hr Well #5: $18.16/hr Well #7: $16.76/hr Well #10: $11.56/hr FEE SCHEDULE: -Add on Fee $30.00 -Cancellation Fee $30.00 -Not taking water when on schedule $50.00 / first offence -Taking water at unassigned time $50.00 / first offence -Flooding outside of your property $50.00 / first offence -Leaving ports open $50.00 / first offence