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Mon - 8 to 5

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Wed - 8 to 5

Thur - 8 to 5

Fri - 8 to Noon

Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Main Phone Numbers

Phone (480) 988-3385

Fax (480) 988-3619

Water Schedule

Board Meetings

All Meetings are held on

the first Tuesday of every month

at 6:00 PM.


Don’t forget check your drawbands!!!  Rusty drawbands will release ports and cause floods!.       


  Just a quick note!  Starting November 4th there will be No More automatic schedules for the winter months.  Please make note that you will have to contact the office via phone, email, or website to request your water.  Remember to put your name, well number, day and amount of time you wish to request. 


Irrigation issues please contact the Water Masters:


Todd Angle at 480-227-7969 

Clint Hillan at 480-440-9048

Emergency number 480-787-1975

(The following links are in PDF format)

2018 Irrigation Calendar


Well #2   Well #2 Schedule for Wed 2-21-18
Well #4    Well #4 Schedule for Tue 2-20-18  Well #4 Schedule for Wed 2-21-18
Well #5     


Well #3   
Well #7   
Well #10   Well #10 Schedule for Tue 2-20-18