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Welcome back Spring!  With spring comes the warmer temperatures and the AUTOMATIC SCHEDULE!! Starting April 1st we will be offering the automatic schedule.  You MUST sign up for your regular scheduled run.  With the new program that we have in place it delated the old automatic schedule.  Therefore, you have to request to be on automatic.  Attached is the yearly calendar for your review.  You will notice it is all color coded for easy reference.  When you send in your request IF you were on the automatic schedule for the weekday THEN you can request to be back on that same day (please notice that there are different colors for Tuesday and Wednesday).  As a reminder the Tuesday and Wednesday schedules are for those who can run anytime during the DAY.   Everyone wishing to be on automatic for any day must send in a request i.e. weekend or weekday.  Please don’t think if you were on automatic last year that you will automatically be put back on.  You must send a request.  You may sign up for this on the website, email, or call the office.


Dan Townsend                                                                                                   General Manager

Irrigation issues please contact the Water Masters:

Jeff Royer at 480-440-9048

Todd Angle at 480-227-7969 

Emergency number 480-787-1975

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Well #2 Well #2 Schedule for Wed 6-28-17
Well #4    Well #4 Schedule for Tue 6-27-17  Well #4 Schedule for Wed 6-28-17
Well #5  


Well #3 Well #3 Schedule for Sat 6-24-17  Well #3 Schedule for Tue 6-27-17
Well #7 Well #7 Schedule for Sat 6-24-17
Well #10 Well #10 Schedule for Sat 6-24-17  Well #10 Schedule for Tue 6-27-17  

Well #10 Schedule for Wed 6-28-17